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What do you say to Stepmothers, on Mother's Day?

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and everywhere you looked there were special products and promotions to celebrate Mother's. Mothers, Grandmothers, and Great Grandmothers received flowers, breakfast in bed, nice cards, calls from their children, and grandchildren - maybe even a video visit (courtesy of COVID19).

I could see that Anne's husband was in a quandary. He has two daughters; one daughter has three biological children and easily qualifies for good wishes on Mother's Day. The other daughter recently took on the role of Stepmother and he was not sure whether it would be appropriate to send her a Happy Mother's Day message.

I listened as Anne reminded him that when his daughters were little, they too were unsure of what was appropriate. They have a mother for whom they made cards at school and with whom they would happily spend the day. But, the girls lived with Anne and her husband and she was very involved in their care.

In those days, there were few families with Stepparents and few books on the subject. Certainly, none where the children spent even half their time with their father, never mind living with him and visit their mother.

"As the first Mother's Day approached, I heard them asking each other, "What should we do about Anne?" We all know that Stepmothers are mean and ugly and they do nasty things to their stepchildren. These little girls had already told me that I didn't really fit the bill! I didn't have an answer so I tiptoed away and left them to it."

Anne's face lit up as she continued the story, "When Mother's Day arrived, you remember, they proudly presented me with a handmade card and a button to pin on my lapel (you know one of those big round things you can put a photo on?); both the card and the button said, "Happy Anne's Day!"

"And, so the problem was solved. They called me Anne, and when they talked about me to their friends they referred to me as "My Anne" as distinct from "My Mom."

Anne's husband knew immediately what to do. What a simple solution to a thorny problem. I know Anne still has that card and the pin in her treasure box!


Janette Wittwer
Janette Wittwer
May 15, 2021

This was so beautiful! Happy Anne's day! You so deserve a day named after you.


JanDan James
JanDan James
May 14, 2021

Excellent solution! Hope you had a Happy Anne Day!

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