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The Platinum Rule® [Part Three]

I am working on applying The Platinum Rule® every day. As an owl, I am mindful of the pace at which other people speak and I do my best to match it. When someone is speaking too fast for me to follow, I let them know by saying, "Would it be possible for you to slow down a bit? I am having a hard time keeping up! And, I don't want to miss a thing you are saying." Thankfully, the response is usually positive!

This week, I have asked Anne to take us deeper into understanding and applying The Platinum Rule®.

"You mentioned that some people process information at a moderate pace while others, like you, process more quickly. Besides adjusting to the pace at which people speak, what else do we need to know?"

Anne didn't hesitate as she launched into her explanation. "You can tell quite a lot about someone by the way they answer questions that require some form of decision-making. For example, if you ask, 'where should we go for lunch?' there are four types of answers you may receive:

  1. Where would YOU like to go?

  2. I love Joey Tomatoes, let's go there.

  3. Let me think about that.

  4. Crabby Joe's is closest, and we are all busy.

"That first answer, which is really a question, reflects the person's desire for peace and harmony in all of their relationships. This person wants to be sure that YOU are happy with the decision.

"The second answer would likely be given by a person we call a socializer in The Platinum Rule® model. They love appreciation and recognition; they would like to be praised for introducing the group to a great restaurant.

"The third answer is very likely from someone we would call a thinker. Thinkers always consider the possibilities, weigh the pros and cons, and make the "right" decision. You may not want to wait for thinkers to decide if you hope to get out for lunch today.

"The fourth answer is from someone we would call a director. Directors are most interested in results; results explicitly obtained expediently and efficiently. Once the director has answered, they will expect everyone to fall in line, and you will go for a quick lunch at Crabby Joe's.

"Two of the people above would speak very quickly. Can you guess which ones?"

I thought for a moment, and I wasn't sure I could tell. "Anne, I'm not sure, yet," I said.

Anne nodded and smiled. "It's not always easy, so when I tell you how I would assign people to the model profiles and determine how they would like to be treated based on their behaviour, please know that I am not always "right."

"I believe that answers two and four above came from people who process quickly and speak at a rapid pace. Answers one and three came from people who process more slowly and speak at a moderate pace.

"This simple example illustrates just how important it is for people to connect and communicate effectively!"

Next week, we will continue the conversation, and Anne Miner will explain further aspects of The Platinum Rule® and its application!

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I love the energy of standing outside the "moment".... YOU are a brilliant story "sharer"...

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