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The Best Year Ever!

The office was pretty quiet today; it is never really noisy but some days there is a high energy buzz. Not today.

I popped into Anne’s office to see what was up. She was pounding her keyboard and signalled me to sit down while she finished what she was writing.

When she looked up, I cheerfully inquired, “What’s up?”

Anne looked very intense as she answered, “Now there’s a good question!” And then she dove right in …

"We need to make 2022 the Best Year Ever!

“We have been collectively holding our breath in anticipation of our world being restored to something we might call “normal” or “the way it was.”

“As we approach the two-year mark, it is time for us all to accept that we have to adapt to this “new reality” and find ways to thrive in spite of the ambiguity and uncertainty around us.

“I am sure we are all asking the same question, “How? How do we accept, adapt and thrive in this environment?”

“I do have some observations, predictions and suggestions if you are interested.”

“Well of course I am interested,” I replied, giving Anne permission to continue …

“Here are a few; not necessarily in priority order and not necessarily for everyone.·

  • We will spend more time inside our homes, and we need to organize the setup of our homes so we can work and play in a comfortable environment. Stop working at the kitchen or dining room table and get an ergonomically correct desk and chair.

  • Some will downsize or right size or move to the country. This will play havoc with the real estate market.

  • We will be dining at home. We will order our groceries and other supplies online and they will be delivered to our homes. “Take out” meal options have already expanded beyond pizza and wings to include fully cooked gourmet meals delivered to your door. Let’s resist the temptation to eat from the box; set the table, get out the “good china” and enjoy the luxury of dining at home.

  • We will spend more time outside in the fresh air and we need to get appropriate clothing to keep ourselves warm/cool depending on what season we are in. Outdoor activities like cycling, golf, tennis, badminton, cricket, and pickleball, where we are not necessarily in close proximity, will continue to grow in popularity.

  • Home delivery will explode. Online ordering will be available everywhere and we will support our local businesses wherever possible.

  • There will be a surge in home exercise equipment. We have already experienced a shortage of various items.

  • We will find new ways to occupy our leisure time. Everything from learning to play an instrument, cooking, drawing and artwork to quilting, knitting, and sewing. We are already seeing a return to a more artisanal economy – “handmade” is a new luxury brand.

  • There will be more business start-ups, particularly those that can operate “underground” without the burden of HST. We will use cash so there will be no trail to follow.

  • Online gaming will continue to grow in popularity while some will revive board games and card games where the people in your family or your “bubble” gather around a table and enjoy each other’s company.

  • We will drive less and walk or cycle more. New car purchases will be delayed, and gasoline consumption will settle at a lower level.

  • We will wear more comfortable clothing and look for luxury casual garments to purchase online. Topdressing may become less popular.

  • We will master connecting via video whether through Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Facetime, or any of the many options. We will use virtual backgrounds for company and personal branding, and we will remember to unmute before speaking.

  • We will either be kinder to one another, or we will see more rudeness and bullying as people allow their anger and frustration to leak out onto others. My vote is for kindness.

“Of course, many of these changes are already evident. We are already in the process of adapting. The most resilient among us have already embraced the “new reality;” have already exhaled, stopped holding their breath, stopped languishing waiting for things to "return to normal.

"We must go forward, look for the opportunities! Engage our imaginations and our ingenuity and forge a new path!”

Let’s all take a deep breath, adapt and make 2022 our best year ever! Onwards and upwards, I say!


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