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Halloween 2020

A couple of weeks ago, Anne Miner shared with us that there is one particular hat she likes to wear every year, so you know that Halloween is important to her!

The first time the doorbell rang this year, Anne opened the door to find a little girl on the porch. She recognized the girl as 7-year-old Jennifer from down the street. With her hair in a tight bun, large horn-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, skinny pants, and a low heel, Anne thought Jessica looked quite "smart."

Seeing that she had an identity badge clipped to her lapel, Anne inquired,

"Are you with the FBI?"

Little Jessica promptly squared her shoulders, lifted her little chin, and through the gap where her top teeth were missing, she declared,

"No! I am a bithzness lady!"

Well, Anne was properly chagrined. As a business lady herself, surely she should have recognized the costume!

Aren't Halloween costumes supposed to be "scary?" Anne had never thought of herself as a "scary character," upright, proper, formal, assertive, elegant, but not scary. Hmmmm.

Choking back a laugh, Anne turned her attention to Jessica's older brother, who was standing quietly beside her.

There was no need to ask about his costume; he was dressed as a waffle.

Yes. A waffle! How is that scary?

But, a business lady and waffle man, now that's a scary idea!

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JanDan James
JanDan James
13 nov. 2020

Cute story Anne. An interesting story about a waffle and a business woman. Interesting how children come up with ideas for costumes! Hope you are keeping well! Fondly, Jan

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