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Celebrate Your Small Wins!

Aren't we all fed up with the impact of COVID19? Of course, as an owl, I am not susceptible to human viruses myself, but I see the people around me struggling with anxiety, loneliness, and boredom.

Somehow, Anne Miner manages to remain optimistic and encouraging of the people around her. I asked her, "How do you maintain a positive outlook?"

"I believe in the Law of Attraction; what we think about and speak about, we bring about. It doesn't matter whether it is positive or negative so, we must all take care that we speak about the positive.

"Sometimes, it is hard to find the positive; hard to believe that there is a pony somewhere in that pile of manure. Once you have faced a life-changing calamity and survived, it is much easier.

"I find it helps when you celebrate even the smallest of wins. And, some days that might be something like having survived the day. I remember my mother telling me that at the end of some days, when all six of her children were finally settled in bed, she was thankful that we were all still alive!"

Anne reached into her drawer and opened her copy of Seven Steps To Success

In A Calamity to remind me that "Celebrate" is one of the key steps in the process she uses to confront calamities in life. We wrote this little book together in 2020 (last year) to articulate Anne's Seven "Cs" to succeeding in spite of everything:

  1. Collect

  2. Compartmentalize

  3. Collaborate

  4. Compose

  5. Communicate

  6. Conquer

  7. Celebrate

If you would like your own complimentary copy of this practical eBook, you can download it here.

And, now you know how she does it. In the face of a calamity or an outright crisis, Anne has a process. And, for those days when you find yourself tripping over the pebbles on the beach or chafing under some irritation, remember to celebrate your small wins!


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