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Avery's Weekend #1

Yesterday, I found Anne sitting outside with a cup of coffee. She was smiling as she read something that looked like a handwritten letter. Looking up, Anne said, "Well, hello Edna. I am just enjoying Avery's letter to her mom about our weekend together.

I was a bit surprised knowing that Avery is only two years old; she doesn't speak and she definitely can not write a letter.

As if she read my mind, Anne went on to explain. "I thought it would be fun to have Avery write a letter to her mom to report on our weekend together. As you know, she's just learning to talk so I had to write it for her.

"This way, there will be a record of our time together and her mom will feel included. We had some funny moments and I can imagine what Avery was thinking!

"I have often heard people say to mothers, "You should write that down" after the mother has told a story about something their little one said or did. And, I know my own mother said that she always meant to but never got around to it.

"Would you like to read it?"

Of course, I wanted to read it! And, I am sure you do too! I have censored it a wee bit cause I thought there was too much about poo.


August 24, 2021

Letter from Avery to her Mother (gently edited).

Dear Mommy,

This weekend I had lots of fun at Auntie’s!

We went to Auntie’s friend Susan’s Birthday Party and there was a band! They let me play maracas and I danced to the music.

We went to the park where the water shoots up, but I like it better when I can hold the hose myself. Besides, I have my own pool at Auntie’s, and I can fill it myself.

Auntie’s neighbour, Linda, took me for a walk in the big park across the road. (Don’t worry, she held my hand and Auntie watched us the whole time.) Linda is funny. She tried to hide her face behind her hands as if she thought I couldn’t see her. I already know that game, “peek-a-boo.”

I showed Auntie how to count to five using my blocks. I brought them home so I can show you too. It’s important that you pay attention though because I can get impatient.

When I tap the first block, you say “one.” Then I will tap the second block, and you say “two,” and so on. OK?

Sometimes Auntie tried to trick me by saying “five” first, but I know better. I don’t think she was paying attention.

We did some drawing on my easel and then I wiped it off. It was kind of boring because Auntie only let me have one colour at a time.

Auntie put me in my bed every night and I was so tired, I went right to sleep. Well, not every night; sometimes I screamed for her to come back – but she didn’t – so I went to sleep. I heard Auntie say that she had a “win” when I was in bed and asleep by 8:15 pm. What do you think she means?

There’s something else too. Each time I had a poo, she took me into that room with that big white thing with the water in it. She showed me how to pull the handle down and make the poo disappear.

That was amazing but I am just not sure why she did that. Do you know?

I left one of my Squishmallows (the one in the picture) at Auntie’s house; I know she will be safe and I will see her next time.

Auntie says I don’t need to bring any more toys cause we have toys at her house.

Next time, we are going to do something called Finger Painting. I hope it will be fun.

I am glad to be coming home today. I sure missed you, mommy.

I love you!

Avery (with help from Auntie)

P.S. Auntie says you can ask her if you have any questions.


What do you think? Did you laugh? Could you picture that wee girl teaching her Auntie (Great Aunt Anne) how to count?

Avery will be back next month and Anne promised to share her next letter with us!


April Miner
April Miner
Aug 26, 2021

I still remember the scrapbook that you made for me years ago. I recently got it back when we were going through Dad's things.

It has been a wonderful trip down memory lane. Your notes and stories brought back memories I had forgotten.

Hopefully Avery will re-read your letters one day and have those same feelings 💕

"Auntie April"


Donna Black
Donna Black
Aug 26, 2021

Great idea!


April Miner
April Miner
Aug 26, 2021

I love this idea!

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