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What’s the Dress Code? [Part 2]

Last week I told you about Anne’s wardrobe dilemma; she was struggling with what to wear to her first in-person business meeting since the COVID restrictions were introduced in 2020.

What I didn’t tell you was that it was an Annual General Meeting where she was to be speaking AND being elected as the new Chair of the Executive Committee. I think the high level of visibility was a big part of her worry.

You may be wondering what she decided …

Anne opted for a colourful jacket, black trousers, those 2.5 inch heels she had practiced navigating the stairs in and a small cross-body bag for her phone, credit cards and lipstick.

The morning after the meeting, I could see Anne was elated and I asked her how the meeting went.

Without wasting a moment, Anne burst out, “It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone in person! The energy in the room was over the moon, and all greetings were enthusiastic. Some of the attendees wore masks but I didn’t see anyone refuse a handshake or even a hug.

“Members of my committee were mostly from the COVID Cohort, meaning that during the two years we have been working together, we had only ever met via Zoom. It was great to meet them in person!

“The formal part of the meeting went smoothly, I spoke from the podium, presented my report, made the audience laugh, and later I was duly elected as the new Chair of the Executive Committee.

“It wasn’t until the social part of the evening that I scanned the crowd to see what other women were wearing.

“Let’s start with the top. Most of the women were wearing either conservative-coloured jackets/sweaters (e.g., gray, camel, black or navy); just a few were more colourful.

“Some of the women opted for dresses – with or without a jacket over top. The dresses were mostly solid colours or subtle patterns; at the knee or slightly below.

“Most were wearing pants/trousers – again in conservative colours.

“The shoes were most interesting; they ranged from platform sneakers to 4-inch stilettos, and everything in between.

“I noticed that those who did wear heels often carried a large handbag or tote; before leaving, they changed into flats, or more often into sneakers - plain NOT glittery.

"Several of the women declared that they had sworn off heels, forever!

“All in all, it was pretty much what we would have seen in a pre-COVID gathering. I have seen women in platform sneakers before – even sparkly ones - as early as 2018.

I asked, “So, what will you wear next time?”

Anne laughed and said,

“I am relieved to tell you that for my next event, I will be wearing whatever I feel like wearing! I might even sport my own sparkly sneakers.”

And so dear readers, there you have it. Some things have not changed despite COVID, and you too can wear sparkly sneakers if you feel like it!

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I was afraid Anne would fall up or down the stairs in her 2.5 inch heels. Happy to hear there were no shoe blips!

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