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Forgive Us It's Friday!

This morning I poked my head in to see what Anne was up to. She looked like she was thinking deeply.

“What’s up?” I asked. As always, she smiled as she invited me in.

“Do you realize it’s Friday?” she asked. Well, of course I know it’s Friday, so I nodded wondering where she was going with this.

“We did not publish yesterday …”

OMG, she’s right! How could I have forgotten? I flapped my wings as I started to apologize. Anne raised her hand to stop me and said gently,

“We both forgot. Please forgive yourself, Edna. We can publish today.”

She went on, “I am just now responding to a colleague on this very topic. Let me read you a bit of her email to me …

“I am SO sorry … It came to me in my sleep last night that I had screwed up. I feel terrible …”

“Now, it’s true that she forgot to do something (I won’t tell you what it was) that was clearly her responsibility. And I will have to think about a remedy as it is not something she can fix.

“When you looked in, I was been sitting here debating whether to call her or email my response. It took courage for her to apologize, and I know very well she will have flogged herself quite thoroughly.

Since she chose to email me, I have decided to reply by email.”

“And, what will you say?” I asked although I was pretty sure I already knew what she would say.

“Let me read it to you,” Anne offered.

“Oh, Sabrina, please don't worry. I accept your apology.
And now, please remember to forgive Everyone.
And then forgive Yourself.”

So, that’s what I expected: acknowledgement, acceptance, forgiveness.

Anne sets a high standard for herself and everyone around her. She insists that everyone feels comfortable saying “No” to something they do not have the capacity to take on. She tells them not to let anyone bully them into saying “Yes” when they should say “No” – not even her (because she knows some people are intimidated by her.)

Once accepted, Anne gives Authority, Responsibility and Accountability.

Anne does not micromanage as she expects everyone to bring their highest and best to the assignment. Her acceptance of mistakes, forgiveness, and encouragement to find solutions attracts others to want to collaborate with her.

I am sure you noticed she did not blame me, she shared the responsibility when she said, "We both forgot."

So, dear readers, we both apologize for missing yesterday and please do forgive us. Now, I am going to forgive myself and wish you all a happy Friday!

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I didn’t realize yesterday was Thursday! All forgiven.

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