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“Who do you think you are?”

“I have been attacked, once again, for the very things I do best” said Anne Miner with a sigh. “I know this happens, not only to me, but to all strong people who dare to stand out in the world.”

“Oh boy, I am sorry. What happened?” I asked.

“Today, I was asked, “Who do you think you are? And, what makes you think you have the power to empower others?” Anne replied.

“Ouch, what did you say to them?” I asked

“Great question, Edna. In years gone by, I would have withdrawn and questioned myself. Today, I have matured to a point where I was able to cheerfully say, “I know who I am and, like you, I have power to give others through informing, inspiring and encouraging others to achieve their highest and best.”

"The other person went on, “Do you know why people don’t like you? I will tell you why… You are too perfect! You always have perfect makeup, you are always prepared, you are always dressed for the occasion, you keep your promises, you are transparent …” I stopped her there and said, “Please don’t tell me anymore. I am happy to know that people have noticed me and consider me so important that they dislike me. They are giving away their power when they attach that much importance to me.

“You know, Edna, when I was in high school, I tried to be someone that people would find more acceptable by hiding my light. I asked the school principal not to include my name on the honour roll because my classmates were bullying me; calling me a ‘brown noser.’ When he would not agree, I just let my marks drop below the honour roll level then he had to remove my name.

“It didn’t help. My classmates still called me ‘brown noser.’

“When I was taking my MBA, I tried to hide in the audience but, it didn’t take long before I was recognized and pushed into the leadership role in virtually every segment of the program.

“Today, I am who I am and I believe I have both the right AND the obligation to bring my highest and best self to wherever I choose to show up.

“I accept that some people won’t like me, despite my faithfully applying The Platinum Rule® (treating others the way they want to be treated), despite my encouragement, despite my determination to remove obstacles to their success, despite whatever I do.”

“And I encourage you to remember that. You too are a gift to the world, and you too have both the right and the obligation to bring your highest and best self wherever you choose to show up!”

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yes yes yes!!! BE YOU.... all of you always!!! love this !!!!

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