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What will we do with our stuff?

Today I overheard Anne having a conversation with her friend Patricia and, while I could only hear Anne's side of the conversation, I was intrigued. When they wrapped up their conversation, I asked her, "What was that about? I heard you saying you didn't know how to make yourself start?"

"I have collected so much stuff said Anne, "and after the experience of emptying my brother's apartment, I was reminded that someday, my stuff would need to be dealt with.

"As I look around my home, I see so many treasures that are meaningful to me; items brought home from various adventures, items gifted to me by my husband, my parents, my friends, and items that I salvaged from my grandmother's house and even my own mother's.

"I just came home with more stuff; my grandmother's Standard Broadcast Majestic radio (circa 1930), her Royal typewriter, my mother's first record player, and her silver cabinet. My brother had saved these treasures and now they are part of my collection!

"Of course, I had some help in accumulating stuff, my husband has contributed too.

"At one point, we had so much stuff that in addition to a residence in Calgary, a residence in Toronto, and a cottage on Georgian Bay, we had three Public Storage lockers (one in each location) to store our extra stuff!

"We have multiple patterns of beautiful crystal and china tableware and cutlery; table decorations for every occasion; for indoors or outdoors, for large crowds or small. I have a doll collection, art series, bedding, letters, books, and let's not forget the shoes!

"When I think about parting with my stuff, I get anxious. I think, "What if I need to replace that and I can't afford to, or I can't find it or ...

"Patricia is having a similar experience! She says she doesn't know where to start and I don't know how to make myself start getting rid of my stuff!"

As an owl, I have very few possessions; in fact, if Anne hadn't insisted that I dress for the occasion, I wouldn't even have clothes. So, I truly don't know how to help Anne or Patricia.

What would YOU suggest? Have you experienced similar thoughts, obstacles? Have you managed to deal with your stuff? We would love to hear from you!

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