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Time to Move!

I noticed there was a realtor’s car in the parking lot this morning and Anne’s office door was closed.

Of course, I am always curious to know what is happening so as soon as her door was open, I poked my head in and asked, “What’s up?”

Anne was standing, looking out the window; something she does when she needs to think deeply. She smiled as she turned to invite me in.

“We have decided to downsize and move,” Anne declared.

“Wow! That’s big news! Please, fill me in,” I replied.

“We have enjoyed our house for 20 years. There have been many happy gatherings and some not so happy. We have had friends, family, and colleagues from all over the world stay in our guest suite. There have been new babies, toddlers, children, teens, young, mature, and elderly adults sharing good food, friendship, laughter and sometimes tears around our dining room table.

“And, now it’s time for a change. Time to let someone else enjoy our beautiful house and the lifestyle it enables.

"Our house is a lot of work to keep up, especially when there are only two of use. We have both had health scares in the past couple of years and I don't want to leave the job of dealing with my "stuff" to someone else.”

I could tell she was putting on a brave face. “That takes courage! Will you stay in Woodstock?” I inquired.

“No. My family, my clients, my colleagues and my sisterhood of IWFC members are all in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); if we lived closer, I could see all of them more often (post-COVID of course).”

“And what is the timing?” I asked.

“It’s all happening very fast!"

"My earlier meeting was to sign the official listing. It will be public on Monday, showings for 10 days, receive offers on day eleven and ideally close the deal that day. The pictures and video have already been made, the auction house has visited, we have rented a locker and, while there is still quite a bit of work to do to declutter, we will be ready by Monday!

“I am glad that we are moving quickly as there isn’t much time to angst over what to keep and what to send off to auction, to our locker, to Good Will or the dump. We already provided new Canadian families with the basics to set up house and have another destination for the food stocks we have (e.g., freezer contents).”

At this point, Anne’s phone rang, and she quickly apologized for taking the call as it was the Realtor. I know there will be some interesting stories to come … stay tuned as I follow along with Anne’s transition!

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