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The Platinum Rule® and Relationships [Part Seven]

Last time, Anne shared with us the short term impact of embedding The Platinum Rule® in her business; her team applied the principles of detecting the profile preferences of the customer they were speaking to, adapting their own behaviour to align with that customer, and then sharing the customer's profile with other members of the team so they could begin the next conversation in the best possible manner. This adjustment in how her own team was relating to each other and to our clients' customers was transformational for the organization!

In addition to the improvement in internal relationships and productivity observed at The Dunvegan Group, adopting The Platinum Rule® created an opportunity to expand and enhance the solutions offered to clients. As Anne explained, "In addition to providing our clients with a Priority Action Report™ for each of the customers we interviewed, we were able to share the customer's preference profile; with training, the client's account management team was able to adapt their behaviour to align with the customer, leading to better conversations.

"We shared the theory and provided training, role-play opportunities, and scenarios for the account management teams to work through. As they mastered the skill of adapting, they were able to strengthen the bonds with their customers. There were fewer instances of friction; problem-solving was more collaborative and less defensive.

"As everyone adopted the language of The Platinum Rule®, conversations were more empathetic, co-workers utilized their skills as well as humour to diffuse tension, and the workplace felt safer. This was true at The Dunvegan Group and at client organizations that embedded the approach into their cultures.

"In fact, some organizations integrated The Platinum Rule® self-assessment into their hiring and onboarding processes to accelerate the assimilation of new team members. Knowing the preference profile of the new hire helped the entire team to welcome them, connect with them and make them feel safe in their new role.

"Knowing the team members' profiles also provided managers with valuable information on how best to provide coaching, mentoring, and on-going feedback to their individual team members to optimize impact.

"The outcomes we achieve with our business retention programs are much greater with The Platinum Rule® as the foundation!"

And, with that, Anne wrote "added value for greater impact" in the box marked "Medium Term."

I must say, I am impressed. As you can see, The Platinum Rule® introduced improved productivity and transformational change into the culture and operations of her own company, as well as creating opportunities to deliver added value to clients. That's a win for everyone!

Next time, we will learn about the long term impact. In the meantime, I am going to continue my observations and encourage everyone to focus on "Treating other people the way THEY want to be treated!"

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