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The Beauty of Handwritten Notes

This morning I noticed that Anne was adding a card to an already overflowing box.

“What are those?” I asked.

“This is my collection of handwritten notes,” she replied. Anne lifted the lid to the wooden box to show me.

I keep every single note I receive in this special memory box. I cherish them all! And if I am ever feeling doubtful that one person can make a difference, I take some out and read them.”

She lifted out a handful of cards and let me read them. Each one expressed gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Some were for specific events, acts or occasions and some were ‘just because.’

I teared up reading them (and that’s unusual for an owl). Then I tried to capture them in the picture below.

In case you are not able to read the writing, let me share some of the key phrases people used in these notes to describe their experiences with Anne:

· Steady and sensible

· Kind

· Generous

· Make a difference

· Thoughtful

· Considerate

· Brave

"Do you think other people appreciate receiving handwritten notes as much as you do?" I asked.

"Well, Edna, if they don't appreciate my notes, that's OK because I enjoy sending them!"

On her desk, Anne had several envelopes ready to mail. Each one carefully chosen for the recipient. Each one hand addressed. And each one carefully sealed with “Remember I love you!”

Have you considered sending handwritten notes? As you can see, they are precious keepsakes. You can’t say that about email or text messages!


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