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On the Move ...

Last week we all learned that Anne Miner is “on the move!” And you should see her go!

I am not going to interrupt her today; instead, I will share my observations.

First of all, Anne is not trying to do it all alone! She knows when, who and how to ask for help. People are coming and going at her house every day!

Here is a list of all that has been accomplished:

  • Two new Canadian families have picked up the basics to set up house (e.g., pots and pans, utensils, bedding, table linens, cutlery, chairs, desk, table …)

  • All children’s equipment (e.g., crib, stroller, pack ‘n play, ride-on toys … ) has been donated to a young family.

  • Canned and dry goods and frozen meals have been donated to a private food bank.

  • Heirlooms picked up by family members

  • Four loads have been taken to the auction house

  • Five loads to the storage locker

  • Six loads to Goodwill

  • Anne’s dressing room has been sorted (with the help of an expert) into keep, donate, and send to consignment; the consignment items have been picked up (including 90% of her shoe collection!)

  • Office supplies have been sorted into keep and donate

  • Decluttered house was photographed, videoed, scanned, and overhead droned

  • Home inspector’s report received

  • Listing approved

That’s a lot! Makes me tired just thinking about it all. And, since I am an owl I cannot even lend a hand - all I can do is observe.

Last week we thought the listing would be live this past Monday; a small snag delayed this until tomorrow. Was Anne upset by the change of plan? No. I overheard her saying two things:

1. “Thank goodness, as I needed that extra time!”

2. “The people who will buy this house are out of the country and need us to wait for them to return (so delay listing, showing and receiving offers until they can return).”

The extra time was necessary because one of Anne’s helpers needed a few days of rest.

Her comment about the imagined buyer being out of the country reflects Anne's belief in the Law of Attraction ~ what you think about and speak about you bring about.

Having visualized the outcome (“what”) and expressed her gratitude to the Universe for the satisfactory sale of the house, at the amount she has in mind, including the furniture and with a quick closing, Anne doesn’t interfere with “how” it gets done.

If there are setbacks or delays, she continues to believe that the Universe is working on her behalf and the desired outcome will be achieved. So, she does what she can, from where she is, with the resources she has available and leaves the rest to the Universe!

[Note: The “Universe” Anne is referring to is the higher power that some people call God (or Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, Bhagavan, etc.).]

The first showing is tomorrow morning! Watch for another update next week.

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JanDan James
JanDan James
Mar 08, 2022

Wishing you well Anne and Olev! Miss seeing you both and think of you often!

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