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Invoking Plan B

I have received messages from several people wondering whether Anne’s house sold. She told me I could go ahead and bring you up to date.

As you may know, the Real Estate Market was on fire for months. Houses were being listed for viewing during a fixed period (e.g., 7-10 days) and competing offers were received on a specific day. The sale would be made that day.

Given that scenario, it seemed like the right time for Anne and her husband, Olev, to make a move; to divest themselves of their big house and move to the city.

Once the decision was made, Anne went into hyperdrive: decluttering, discarding, donating, sending to auction, and storing “stuff.” She ran up and down three flights of stairs, packing, polishing, primping, and staging her beautiful home.

There was no time for dawdling, succumbing to the temptation to look at pictures and reminisce. Decisions were made rapidly and Anne's helper made sure that she kept moving!

And, while she was busy getting ready, world events threw the market into uncertainty. The war in Ukraine, $2 a litre gas, an increase in interest rates and probably the most disappointing factor – snow, freezing rain, fog, and general all-around dreary weather dampened house hunter enthusiasm.

So, Anne took a deep breath and invoked Plan B. Slow down, accept that it will take longer to sell the house; for just the right buyer to find this property. Someone who wants a Century Home in a smaller centre, on a quiet street with a 5-acre park across the road. Someone who has a family, maybe even multiple generations, to fill up all the bedrooms, or perhaps someone who wants to turn it into a Bed & Breakfast.

Ever the optimist, Anne has turned her attention to the outside. Spring brings new beginnings, and it will soon be time to plant the garden. While she is still ready to move at a moment’s notice, Anne is preparing to spend another summer enjoying the quiet serenity of her yard. And overnight guests now that the COVID restrictions are relaxing!

Now you know what’s happening and thank you for asking!


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