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Anne had been on the phone a long time and it was evident that the person on the other end had a lot on their mind! I am pretty sure it had been at least 10 minutes since Anne had said a word.

Finally, she spoke. “It sounds to me like you are making progress, Keith,” Anne said kindly. “I am very glad you are working through this with a qualified professional. I admire you and encourage you to continue!

“And please remember that I love you!”

There was another period where Anne was listening. Her face turned a bit red and she said, “Hmmm.

"No, I don’t intend for you to feel that I have assigned you a task. Now that you have pointed out the impact it has on you, I will not say that again.”

Anne put down the phone and turned to look at me.

“Wow. It never occurred to me that anyone would think I am telling them what to do. Keith just explained that whenever I say to him, “remember I love you” the impact is that he feels he has been given a job to do – that I have passed the responsibility for remembering on to him. And he doesn’t like it!

"He prefers that I say, "I love you!"

“How many times have I said, “the IMPACT our words have is much more important than our INTENTION.”

“I am very glad he told me. Otherwise, I would have gone on saying it.

“We need our readers to know that if I have had that impact, I am truly, truly sorry. I did not mean to hurt you, annoy you or instruct you. I just learned a profound lesson.”

Oh, my goodness. It certainly didn’t occur to me either. Well, I learned something today too!

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This is a very interesting take on it! For me, I always feel blessed when I hear this.. "Remember.... I love you".... as a beautiful share in which I feel honored to be recognized by this person. It is not a task.... Perhaps, as human beings we need to open our heart center wider and deeper to inhale the truth of who we are and what sustains us.... for it is love always. I appreciate you so much ANNE!!! I love you.

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