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I need another day!

This has been a long and eventful day in a difficult week. I have been watching as Anne received the news that her youngest brother, her "baby brother," had died suddenly at the age of 57 years.

I watched as she called his daughters, her nieces, to offer comfort and support; she was kind and gentle with them, sharing her experiences as Executrix, tears rolled down her face as she encouraged them to take some time before worrying about funeral arrangements/celebration of life.

When she took the call from the coroner and learned that an autopsy had been ordered, I thought she might lose control. But, no, she didn't.

She has been on the phone from 7 am till midnight connecting with her brother's friends, her brother's roommate, and his landlord. Through it all, Anne has been composed and calm.

When I asked her about today's post, she said, "Tomorrow is another day, all brand new and no mistakes. Let's ask our readers for their indulgence as I process all that has happened."

There is no "right way" with grief. There are recognized stages but no specific rules. I know we will talk more about this next week.

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