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Focus On Your Highest And Best!

Each of us has a purpose to fulfill. There are contributions that only you can make, by virtue of your unique combination of talents, skills, interests, abilities, experiences, and relationships with others.

When you are making your highest and best contribution, you are energized and enthusiastic; your curiosity and creativity are engaged at entirely new levels.

Your highest and best contributions are unique to you and they are independent of your position in an organization, in your family, or in society as a whole. When you contribute your highest and best, your potential is at its peak!

When you are engaged in activities that are not aligned with your highest and best, even if you do it better than anyone else, you are squandering a vital resource.

When everyone is making their highest and best contribution, the results are truly remarkable!

So, what does this mean, in practical terms?

If you are a business owner, your highest and best contribution is likely your leadership expertise, your ability to imagine a product or service or a new way of delivering products and services, or your ability to build relationships and generate sales.

You may also be very skilled at accounting but this is not your highest and best - even if you are better at it than anyone else in the company. You can teach someone, hire someone or outsource this function to someone whose highest and best is ... accounting. You are less likely to be successful at delegating your unique abilities.

Sometimes, when times are tough, or we are not feeling confident, it is tempting to take shelter in performing tasks we are sure we know how to do - especially if we can do them better than anyone else. There is comfort and satisfaction in performing the tasks well.

We must resist the temptation to hide in this comfortable place.

At home, at work or at leisure, you make your greatest contribution when you play your unique part, when you bring your highest and best!

When you bring your highest and best, others are inspired to do the same!

Let's encourage everyone to focus on their highest and best!


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