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Lips for Confidence

Many of you asked about Anne Miner's lip color:

  • How come it doesn't come off? on your glass? on your cup?

  • How come it doesn't wear off?

  • How does it stay on all day?

  • How come the color doesn't change?

Anne has worn LipSense lip color every single day for the past 16 years.


She puts it on in the morning, replenishes the gloss whenever her lips feel a bit dry, and it lasts until the end of her workday - about 11.5 hours.

Anne feels polished and confident. And, she wishes the same for you!

You can see the full line of long wear color cosmetics at Anne's Senesite or focus on your lips.


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You can download the SeneLook App (from Google or Apple)

and find a color that is just right for you!

Or contact Anne, and she will be happy to help! Phone: 1-888-281-3074 or Text 4168042923.

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